Mini Terrarium for Venus Flytrap

Many Venus flytraps are sold in mini terraria. These are usually small plastic domes which ensure a high humidity around your plant.


  • Ideal for situations in which your flytrap will be growing in a low humidity environment. Low humidity environments are harmful to Venus flytraps.
  • Your flytrap will not need watered as often due to less loss of water from evaporation.
  • Bugs can be placed inside the terrium where they can be caught ‘naturally’ rather than being placed directly into the trap.


  • Your plant will usually struggle to catch it’s own prey and need to be fed bugs.
  • The terrarium can overheat if in strong sunlight.
  • The enclosed environment can result in a lower concentration of carbon dioxide leading to reduced plant growth.

Make your own

You don’t need to purchase a terrarium, you can easily make one for free. All you need is a large soda pop/fizzy drink bottle! Cut the bottle in two and place it on top of your plant and voila, you have a mini terrarium :)  If your plant is already in a mildy humid environment, you may wish to leave a small air hole, this will not increase the humidity as greatly as with a fully covered terrarium but will improve air circulation.