Learn about the Features of the Best Portable Vaporizers

The best portable vaporizers are crafted with care in order to ensure the longest product life possible. While no portable vaporizer will last forever, those which are created by manufacturers with strong and positive reputations tend to hold up the best and these designs also provide the most fulfilling “vaping” experiences. So, look for designs which earn plenty of good reviews from real-life customers.

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Pax Vaporizer
A Pax Vaporizer, made by the company – Ploom

In terms of vaping pleasure, it’s typically all about throat hit. Throat hit is the sensation that users get in the back of their throats when they take “drags” on portable vaporizers. Vaporizers which produce a lot of water vapor usually provide the most impressive throat hit and this is why a lot of vaping fans prefer to pay a little more for quality vaporizers.

The feeling of superior throat hit is a lot like the feeling of taking a draw on a real tobacco cigarette (and then feeling the smoke hit the back of the throat). However, portable vaporizers give this similar sensation without the smoke, mess, smell and stigma.

Discerning clients want exceptional throat hit and they are willing to pay more in order to get it. That being said, there are affordable vaporizers which provide excellent throat hit, without costing an arm and a leg.

Other Features to Watch For

Vaporizers of this type come at an array of price points. Some are basic and don’t have a lot of extra features. Usually, a vaporizer will be composed of an atomizer (also known as a cartomizer) and a battery. Most vaporizers at any price point have cigarette-like shapes and many are very lightweight and discreet. This means that they are easy to tuck into a pocket or any other compact place.

While shapes and sizes will vary, the tubular style of portable vaporizer is most prized, probably because it does resemble a cigarette and this shape is very familiar to most. Many people (although not all) who use vaporizers have smoked in the past, combine “real” smoking with vaporizer usage or try to quit smoking by using portable vaporizers as smoking cessation aids.

Vaporizers aren’t used for e-juice alone, so look for styles which burn herbs or waxes if you prefer to add these substances to your portable vaporizer. Usually, styles which can handle herbs and waxes cost a bit more, because they are constructed a bit differently. For example, they may have screens, ovens and other features which heat herbs and waxes efficiently, without burning them and/or wasting too much product.

Now that you know some features of portable vaporizers, you’ll be ready to choose a model which is right for you.


Vaping: An Alternative to Smoking

Human beings, for years, have been exposed to a lot of harms by smoking the cigarette. Smoking cigarette is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States and over 16 million Americans live with a disease caused by smoking. Learn more at Vape Craft.

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Most astonishing statistics is that if cigarette smoking continues among U.S youth, 5.6 million American youth below 18 years is expected to die prematurely due to smoking-related illness.

Globally, tobacco smoking causes nearly 6 million deaths every year, and the current statistics indicate that tobacco smoking will cause over 8 million deaths every year by 2030.


Yes, it is true that many people have an addiction to smoking. But what do we do to help them since, at the onset of each year, millions of them vow to kick smoking but in vain. Alternatives work best.

In the quest to help the human species from these deadly killer-smoking, vaping came into existence. They are an alternative to smoking. Let us call it safe smoking. What is it then?

It is the process of inhaling liquid vapor through a vaporizer. It is close to smoking since you get the benefit of smoking without getting the adverse effect of smoking. Talk of lack of a bad smell, awful breath, and an end to cigarette burns, no dirty ashtrays and most substantial reduced risk of getting cancer and other smoking related illness. The list is endless you can name them.

It is for adult smokers who have a desire to continue getting the benefits of nicotine habit at a lower risk. It makes use of a vegetable glycerin based liquid that you mix with certain amount of nicotine and other food flavors then vaporized in a vaporizer.

The vapor is inhaled and exhaled just like cigarettes smoking. Thus, the term is vaping and not smoking. It’s referred to as the use of a vaporizer.

Unlike true cigar, vaporizers burn tobacco. In fact, they burn nothing at all. Instead, they change a flavored liquid into vapor. The liquid is a component of nicotine naturally found in tobacco. The users then inhale the mist.

There are many types of vaporizers but just to mention a few in the market, we have portable vaporizers such as the e-cigarette, vape pens, vape mods and desktop vaporizers that are not portable.

Mostly, people use vaporizers for health reasons, their convenience, cost effectiveness and reduced mess up and bad smells.

Structure of a vaporizer

  • The battery functions to provide powervaping-7
  • The tube which lifts the vaporizer
  • Cartridge where you store the e-liquid
  • Atomizer that is in charge of heating the e-liquid and creating vapor that you inhale and exhale
  • E-liquid or the e-juice is the liquid based that contain nicotine. It can be pure nicotine or can comprise such ingredients as nicotine, flavors, and vegetable glycerin.

If you are entirely new in the world of vape, and you are just not sure what am talking about, here is another way I can explain to you.

The e-liquid is of different nicotine strength grouped in milligrams such as 6mg ultra light, 12mg medium, 18 mg regular and 24mg if it is strong.

If you don’t want nicotine altogether, you are not also left behind for there is an e- liquid with 0 mg nicotine strength. So, vaping is well made to suit all categories of smokers. Remember high nicotine causes throat sensation but if that is your level of usage, then peace be with you.

For beginners, it is best to you that you start it with lower nicotine strength as you work your way out. This way you will be taking care of your nicotine demand.


It is becoming more increasingly popular as the use of vape pens and e-cigarette advances all over. These are the advantages.

  • Reduced exposure to tobacco
  • Elimination of bad smell and bad breath
  • Vaporizers come in a wide variety of different levels of nicotine you can choose from which is the best for you.


  • It does not help a person to quit smoking
  • E-cigarettes have some health effects such as dehydration; nicotine has side effects on blood sugar levels and the circulatory system.
  • The batteries of e-cigarettes can explode.

The bottom line

Vaping and smoking are personal choices, and I may not say which is best for you but the advice I can lend to you is that if I were me, I would go for vapors because it saves money, it has reduced health risks and you can reuse. All in all, if you are capable of quitting both then you are at liberty to do so.